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Football jobs for all – Steilpass opens doors.

As a place of work, professional football is a diverse world all its own. It is constantly developing and carries social responsibility. For this reason, clubs, associations, and their corporate partners regularly search for the right people to strengthen their team – both on and off the pitch! Perhaps they’re looking for you, too!

The Steilpass training and mentoring programme opens doors to the professional football workplace in a very practical way. It offers insights into the various operating areas of a Bundesliga club. As part of the Steilpass programme, a broad spectrum of people working in football introduce you to their day-to-day work behind the scenes on matchday. In our Steilpass workshops, you work in a practice-driven way in small groups. We also equip you with the knowledge and tools to make you stronger and fit for this special industry.

Our training programme combines a familiarisation phase and a practice phase. There are two seminar weekends and a final weekend in Hamburg, Wolfsburg and Freiburg. In between, you can immerse yourself in the world of the clubs in live or recorded online modules and hone your personal skills.

In the practice phase, you will have the opportunity to work on specific projects at FC St. Pauli, VfL Wolfsburg or SC Freiburg. You can also seek out your own practice project at a football club or association of your choice. We network with exciting actors and examine with you the football business from very different perspectives.

Steilpass – Football Jobs for All is a joint project of KickIn! – Beratungsstelle Inklusion im Fuball, SC Freiburg, FC St. Pauli and VfL Wolfsburg. It is supported by German Football League (DFL) and Aktion Mensch e.V.

Diverse teams work more creatively and productively. Which is why our cooperation partners – SC Freiburg, FC St. Pauli and VfL Wolfsburg – want to pave your way into the football business.

You’ve come to the right place if, for example, you…

  • have professional experience in other industries.
  • are interested in personal, practice-driven development.
  • want to switch from the stands or from voluntary work to your club.

Practical insights and workshops on

  • Public relations work (PR)
  • Marketing/Merchandise/Sponsorship
  • Football section: Amateur sport/Youth Academy/Scouting
  • Volunteers and Supporter Liaison Officers
  • Hospitality/Event Management
  • CSR/Sustainability/Corporate Strategy
  • Finance/HR/Law
  • Stadium Management and Technology
  • Office Organisation/Membership/Customer Service
  • e.g. DFB, DFL, international associations
  • Media, Fans and their Organisations
  • Sponsorship
  • Local Authorities and Police, Home Affairs and Sport Policy
  • e.g. various roles of member-run clubs (e.V.)
  • 50+1/Financial Fair Play
  • Development of Women’s Football

  • Status Quo Analysis and Personal Development
  • Diversity and Change Processes
  • Reflection and Communication
  • Overview of additional football employment qualifications

3 in-person seminar weekends in Hamburg, Wolfsburg and Freiburg

  • Kick-off: 22-24 March 2024 (Hamburg)
  • Workshops weekend meeting: 7-9 June 2024 (before the practice phase; Wolfsburg)
  • Final meeting in Oct/Nov 2024 (after the practice phase; Freiburg)

1 online seminar day in May 2024
8 online modules between April and October

  • at different times on different days of the week
  • In the event of a diary clash, the session can be recorded for later use

Regular online networking opportunities for informal group chats. Sometimes with a guest and discussion, always with some input from us.

We also strive to ensure the events are as accessible as possible, fit in with personal commitments and permit discrimination-sensitive collaboration.

The training programme will take place twice altogether: the first edition will start in March 2024. A second edition is planned for the 2024/25 season. There are 14 to 16 places per year group. Of these, up to six places are allocated by the three cooperating clubs. Eight to ten places will be allocated by KickIn! and the three clubs.

The application phase for 2024 is closes. The deadline for applications was 3.1.2024. A decision on who takes part will be made by end of January.

A large portion of the programme costs are covered by the project funds and the participating clubs. This includes catering at the in-person seminars and any assistance required to ensure accessible participation, such as interpretation, etc.

The amount to be covered by the participant is as follows:

  • 500 euros – recommended for a net income of up to €1,500 per month
  • 700 euros – recommended for a net income of over 1,500 euros per month

This is a one-time course fee, not monthly! Travel and accommodation costs come on top of this. Grants are available if required!

We also wish to organise a full grant for one or two people to take part every year. No course fee is charged in this case.

Please indicate your individual needs when you apply!

Great! You can reach Mo Wenner at or +49 157 5874 5363. Or you can use our contact form


In December 2023, we offered an online event to talk about the Steilpass training programme. The slides from the input can be downloaded here (German language, screenreader-proof).

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