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The project

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Schrift "Steilpass - Fußballjobs für 
alle" Dadrüber ein Pfeil der nach oben zeigt".

The project

Steilpass is the first nationwide pilot project for the development of diversity and inclusion in football. Model locations in the Steilpass project are the Bundesliga clubs FC St. Pauli, SC Freiburg and VfL Wolfsburg. Each constituent part of the project is implemented with the involvement of all the parties involved in the project consortium.

In addition to support from the Steilpass project team, core components of the project are three work packages designed to educate and support employers on the topic:

Includes employee surveys on diversity and inclusion and workplace accessibility audits.

These measures are designed to:

  • ascertain the current state of affairs and
  • identify specific needs of employees.

The aim is to bring about improvements to create football workplace conditions that are as diversity-sensitive and inclusive as possible. The results are evaluated anonymously by the Steilpass project team.  

Regional diversity and inclusion conferences will be organised at the Steilpass model locations up to 2026. These events will bring together employees and local and national expert organisations and advisory services from inside and outside football in various formats.

The aim is to build sustainable support networks and partnerships around the clubs on workplace diversity and inclusion.

A further focus of the project is the development of an inclusive football management training and mentoring programme with the involvement of the model locations.

The programme will seek to attract the most diverse group of participants possible for the work with football clubs. The training programme is scheduled to start in March 2024. A second training programme is planned for the 2024/25 season.

Additional information on the Steilpass training programme is available here.

Patricia Ekmekçi 

Patricia Ekmekçi 

– Operational project management
– focus on process support and staff survey

Patricia gained practical experience in the field of “diversity-sensitive organisational development” during her previous job at a charitable association. She is also a diversity trainer and anti-bias multiplier. For her, diversity is a cross-cutting issue that is relevant in all areas of organisational development.   

Do you have any questions or suggestions for a discrimination-free workplace in football? 

E-mail: patricia[at]

Mobile: +49 157 5874 5362

(available Monday to Thursday from 8am to 3pm and Friday from 8am to 2pm CET)


Freddy Mo Wenner

– Operational project management – focus on training and mentoring
Mo contributes expertise in football and accessible architecture and has experience in career coaching and organisational development in non-profit organisations and associations. Most recently, Mo offered expertise on queer issues for a member of the German parliament, provided psychosocial trans counselling, and delivered lectures and workshops on discrimination-free workplaces as a freelancer. In the 1990s, Mo played football in the Bundesliga. 

Do you have any questions or suggestions for a discrimination-free workplace in football? 

E-mail: mo[at]

Mobile: +49 157 5874 5363

(available Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm CET)

(no pronouns / Mo)

Daniela Wurbs

Daniela Wurbs

– Steilpass strategic project management

Daniela has acquired extensive knowledge in the field of diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination work in football in her career so far. She previously worked at Fanladen St. Pauli (Fan Project), was a co-founder and executive director of what is now the largest supporter organisation in Europe, Football Supporters Europe (FSE), and provided consultancy services in the field for the United Nations. Daniela is a qualified consultant for inclusive processes and sustainability in football management.

Do you have a question? Would like to work with us? Do you need our support?

Daniela looks forward to hearing from you!

E-mail: daniela[at]
Mobile: +49 159 0120 2055


Steilpass is run under the auspices of the BBAG,. A separate area of working was created within KickIn! – Advisory Service Inclusion in Football for its implementation.

Each constituent part of the project is implemented with the involvement of all the parties involved in the project consortium.

Steilpass model locations

SC Freiburg
VFL Wolfsburg
FC St. Pauli

Unterstützer*innen des Projekts 

Aktion Mensch

Get involved!

If you are a football club/association and:

– want to create more diversity-sensitive and inclusive conditions for volunteer and full-time staff and

– are interested in our work in the Steilpass project and have a question about it?

Please contact the Steilpass team! We’ll be happy to support you where we can!

Are you a fan or member of one of the participating clubs with a question about the project?

Or you are simply interested in working at a football club or association?

– Take part in our Steilpass programme and get to know the football workplace in a whole new way! You can learn more about the Steilpass programme here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Steilpass programme is essentially open to anyone interested in working at or in connection with a football club or governing body. Or anyone who is already volunteering and wishes to take part in training and networking relating to football and its professional structures.

We are especially concerned to ensure the Steilpass training and mentoring programme is diversity-sensitive and inclusive.

If you have any questions, please contact our Steilpass team! We are happy to support you whenever possible!



The Steilpass project needs your donation!

Only through your support and donations will we able to launch and consolidate the work in the Steilpass project for an inclusive and diverse football at the clubs and governing bodies.

Your contribution will also allow us to ensure anyone can take part in the Steilpass training programme regardless of their financial means.

As sponsors of the Steilpass project, the BBAG and our advisory service KickIn! are non-profits. We are therefore happy to issue a donation receipt on request. All one-off and regular donations are gratefully received and can be made through any of the following channels

Bank transfer

Account holder: BBAG e.V.
IBAN: DE16360501050000202432

per PayPal 

IMPORTANT: Please always quote “Donation/Spende” as the payment reference!

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