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The Steilpass Diversity Challenge

Every year, companies and organizations throughout Germany take part in the Diversity Day of the Diversity Charter with various activities and thus campaign for diversity in the world of work. In  2024, three football clubs – FC St. Pauli, SC Freiburg and VfL Wolfsburg – took part in the 12th German Diversity Day of the Diversity Charter for  the  first time: they initiated the first joint Diversity Challenge for employees in German professional football as part of the Steilpass project.

The core of the initiative was a photo campaign on the question “What does diversity in football mean to you?”. In May 2024, this resulted in over 60 portraits of club employees from a wide variety of departments and departments in Freiburg, Hamburg and Wolfsburg. Mascots and players of the professional teams were also part of the campaign in some places. A selection of the pictures is published here as a digital photo exhibition and at the respective clubs.

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